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Shibumi is ready to rock ‘n’ roll

April 29, 2009 | by The Shibumi Team

Any glitches on the Shibumi site are now fixed (well, the ones we know about grin).

We are now totally settled back into life on the internet - so we look forward to seeing everyone take advantage of the website and if you join us, the membership section of the website as well.

If you are a member there are lots of great things for you to do and to become a part of depending upon your level of membership…

  • Take part in discussions on books
  • Talk about Reiki teachings
  • Become a member of the Shibumi Reiki Scientific Research Team
  • Discuss your practise and practice
  • Download banners for your email program or website telling the world that you belong to an association with high standards from a Japanese perspective
  • Upgrade to professional status and get listed on the website
  • Download Codes of Practice and Ethics for your teaching space
  • Find out what is happening in your part of the world
  • And who knows what else you’ll find there… we are forever looking at ways to build the resources and support for members.

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We’re up and running

April 24, 2009 | by Bronwen Stiene

Good news - the servers have been moved. is happily running at full steam ahead again.
Thanks for your patience as we sorted out glitches.
It must be time for a new newsletter soon - we look forward to staying in touch with everyone involved with

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Server update for

April 21, 2009 | by Bronwen Stiene

This is hopefully the last week of server hell on!

We decided to throw in the towel with the new one that wasn’t working and get a new, new one which hopefully will be fully working by the end of the week. We’ll let you know once that is done and life can return to normal.
Thanks for your patience those who have had trouble accessing any elements of the website!

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Server Issue

April 08, 2009 | by Bronwen Stiene

Just wanted to let you know we’ve had to change servers and in the process elements of our website have stopped working (namely the member forum and the ability to become a member - oh no!).
In the meantime please enjoy the website and we hope to have it all up and running in the next couple of days.

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