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How to use Mantras and Symbols in the system of Reiki

October 25, 2009 | by Bronwen and Frans Stiene

In the system of Reiki specific mantras and symbols are utilized to delve deeper into your own true nature. In Japan, the word for ‘symbol’ is shirushi and the word for ‘mantra’ is either jumon or kototama (kotodama). Literally translated, jumon means ‘a sound which invokes a specific cosmic vibration’ while kototama means ‘a word carrying spirit’.

These mantras and symbols are taught in Okuden Reiki Level II and Shinpiden Reiki Level III. Although many modern Reiki schools teach these symbols and mantras as tools for external use, traditionally the Japanese teachings work with them for internal development. The Japanese word ‘Okuden’ actually means ‘inner’ or ‘hidden teachings’, hence the tools taught in the Okuden teachings are employed to find that which is hidden within you; your own true nature. They are seen as keys to unlock your hidden potential, and once you have unlocked it. the tools are no longer required. This, of course, takes many years of dedicated practice and can only be successfully experienced under the qualified guidance of a teacher who has walked the path.

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