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Tendai Calligraphy

May 19, 2010 | by Frans Stiene

Recently I attended a Tendai Symposium in San Francisco where one of the top Japanese calligraphic artist gave a demonstration - his name is Houkai Shibayama (Senkei) and he is considered to be a “living legend” in Japan. It was amazing to see this gentle man creating such powerful work with his brushstrokes.

The style of calligraphy is called Shousho, a writing style with few characters, in which you can find its symbolic nature.

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What does it mean “to live”?

May 01, 2010 | by Bronwen and Frans Stiene

What is it ‘to live’?

The movie “Peace on Wheels - IKIRU (To Live)” is a reflection on peace and living through the world of Hiroko Kimura, artist, poet and activist. Having un

I love the earth,
I love people,
and I love myself.

And another poem that maybe those in the Reiki world can relate directly to:

When I eased nature all alone
For the first time in my life,
The word “impossible”
Went out of my vocabulary.

From Hiroku’s experience it is possible to see that we must never feel limited by our bodies. By connecting to the world around us we can truly live.

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