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Japanese Koan on Compassion

June 19, 2010 | by Bronwen and Frans Stiene

Compassion is one of the Reiki precepts.

We really require great wisdom to be truly compassionate and the system of Reiki gives you the tools to delve into that compassionate space through the practice of its five elements. Each situation we encounter will require a different compassion - there is not one way, but many - just as all humans are unique and work in their own individual ways.

Have a read of this Japanese koan and see what you think about this as a form of compassion.. or is it? Koans are meant to be contemplated and meditated upon. We suggest you try it.

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Finding Stillness

June 04, 2010 | by Reed Everingham

Being a Reiki practitioner, my day-to-day practice includes traditional Japanese breathing techniques and other forms of meditation.

I sometimes find the discipline of a daily practice challenging and am always grateful when new ways of maintaining this practice unfold.
In my home there are many animals including one cat and many fishes. My partner is a fish enthusiast and so keeps a number of aquariums exquisitely stocked for our viewing pleasure. The tanks are filled with an amazing variety of plant-life and Amazonian fish species. In my mind, the tanks themselves are more like aquatic gardens.

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