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Reiki Hospice Volunteering Doesn’t Stop After The Patient Has Passed

November 29, 2012 | by Scott Kravis

After volunteering for about a year at Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care by making the rounds to see hospice patients that were admitted to the hospital I met the bereavement coordinator/ counselor and I suggested that Reiki treatments would benefit those whom are grieving. She was very open to the idea of Reiki treatments for the loved ones of those that have passed. The bereavement councilor is also a certified Integral Yoga instructor and very involved with the Integral Yoga community so she understood the concepts of “Energy”, “Oneness” etc…. and their benefits. On the patient side of this hospice the administration was not so open to, and was skeptical about, Reiki treatments for patients and would require a Doctors prescription even if the patient requests a treatment, if the doctor does not approve they could not get a treatment from a hospice volunteer like myself.

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Reiki Volunteers get great results in USA Medical Centre

November 05, 2012 | by Bronwen Stiene

Here is some interesting research about the system of Reiki and volunteers in a USA Hospital.
“Anxiety before Reiki treatment was 2.45 and after Reiki was 0.85. Pain before Reiki treatment averaged 2.9, but after Reiki treatment the level fell to 1.55. Nausea averaged 0.65 before Reiki treatment, but fell to 0.3 after the Reiki session. “Overall we saw a 71% reduction in “stress,” a 65% reduction in “anxiety,” a 54% reduction in “nausea” and “pain” decreased by 47%,” explained Lynne Danik, Director, Volunteer Resources for Hunterdon Healthcare.”

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